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Grassroots Advocacy: Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and help ensure that builders are protected and have the tools we need to continue to succeed. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, we have several options:

Hammers & Gavels: This vital program represents the grassroots efforts of Pennsylvania's home building community. PBA works hard to effectively communicate our position on legislation and policy, but constituents are the keystone for many legislators. Even if you don't have a strong relationship with your Congressman, State Senator, or Representative, this is the perfect year to develop one. With so many changes occurring, local relationships with elected officials help maintain a voice for builders in Harrisburg. If you're interested in developing a stronger relationship with your elected officials, or learning more about the many issues that PBA deals with, contact us about the Hammers & Gavels program! Email Jill Pento.

PaCAH: The Committee for Affordable Housing raises money and supports campaigns of state legislators who work tirelessly for builders. This resource can make the difference between a win and a loss or an ally and an adversary. Even if you can't be a strong contributor to PaCAH fundraising efforts, we all have friends and business associates who are interested in helping our allies to victory. Getting involved in PaCAH not only allows you to help make decisions on who the committee supports, but also helps to identify new folks who join in our successes. Find out more on the PaCAH page or email Jill Pento.

Committee of 75: The Committee of 75 is PBA's major donor fundraising program. Personal contributions are targeted to Pennsylvania's legislative leaders. Corporate contributions underwrite administrative costs like political research and polling to support the industry's political affairs objectives. The giving range for Committee of 75 is $1,000 - $10,000+. Learn more.

The Builder Victory Fund: The Builder Fund allows an opportunity for corporate giving that supports expanded research and political communications. Builder Victory Fund levels of support range from $2,500 - $20,000. Learn more.

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