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Getting Ready to Sell? Here are Some of the Top Remodeling Projects

06 May 2015 10:31 AM | Deleted user

As the summer home selling season approaches, home owners considering planning to place their properties on the market should know about remodeling projects that return the most value and increase selling likelihood with better curb appeal or popular features. Housing market data reveals that small, smart remodels reward home owners with better return on investment and can help update a home for a better sale. The following are some of the top remodeling projects; use these to begin planning your conversion during National Remodeling Month.

1. Install a new steel door.
It may not sound like the most exciting addition, but it's one of the financially savviest decisions you could make in your remodeling adventure. Exterior work in general seems to offer the biggest bang for your buck in terms of resale, simply because the exterior appearance of the home could make (or break) a potential home sale. While the appearance of a steel door isn't the main concern, it's the security and savings it offers that attract homebuyers. By providing better insulation than alternative front doors, this can be an attractive pro in the eyes of the potential buyer. Houselogic

2. Remodel the bathroom.
Payback on remodeling a bathroom can reach 75% with new fixtures, tile, toilet, vanity, and lighting. Low flow toilets consume less water and can decrease the monthly water bill. A new attraction that's beginning to be seen in American homes is a centered bathtub. According to the 2015 Home Design Trends, large, well-designed tubs are becoming the center of attention. They are pulled away from the wall and are treated almost like pieces of art. This continues the "bathroom as a spa" trend that is becoming big in both new homes and remodeling projects.

3. Remodel the basement.
Today, buyers are looking for as much usable, move-in ready space as possible. Having a finished basement could sway potential homebuyers into becoming the new home owners. Regardless of whether you turn your basement into a living space, a rec room, or a bar/lounge area, it's sure to attract potential buyers that may not have been interested before. 

4. Replace the garage door(s).
Home owners usually see about an 84% return on garage door replacement. While it improves your curb appeal, it's an easy, inexpensive way to bump up savings in heating/cooling energy and security. It's likely that a new door will be well-insulated and sealed, making the garage a more comfortable and enjoyable space to spend time in, whether it's used for a studio, workshop, or even a playroom for the kids.

5. Attic bedroom conversion.
Converting your dusty attic into a functional bedroom can add huge value to your home; adding a bathroom can add the same value to your home that a complete two-story addition would. It may not add to the square footage of the overall home, but it adds another bedroom; this may put the home in a new category and allow you to charge more as a seller. CBS News

Smart remodeling projects for improving the home can attract buyers and make the home more comfortable.

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