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Encourage Your Building Code Officials to Become ICC Voting Members

15 Feb 2016 4:00 PM | Deleted user

While Pennsylvania has just finalized the 2015 Uniform Construction Code review process, the International Code Council (ICC) is already considering code changes to the next International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Although builders who are members of the ICC can participate in the Code development process, only designated persons from Governmental Agencies who are ICC members are eligible to vote on the final changes to the model code provisions.

For Building Code Officials (BCOs) in Pennsylvania, there exists no shortage of reasons for their Governmental Agency to join the ICC. Pennsylvania currently has a very low voting base with ICC. States like California and Virginia largely dictate what codes are adopted by ICC as part of their triennial code revision process. Pennsylvania’s lack of participation in ICC’s voting process leads to onerous and burdensome code provisions that are not cost-effective or affordable and serve no responsible purpose for Pennsylvania industry professionals and consumers. Only 1% of the total voters at the 2015 hearings represented a governmental agency in Pennsylvania. 

For talking points on the importance of Pennsylvania participation in the model code adoption process, read more here.

Additional benefits of ICC Membership for Governmental Entities

• Governmental members can request oral and written code interpretations from ICC experts to help them better understand and enforce the codes.

• New members may receive a complimentary copy of an ICC code book and member discounts on publications.

• Governmental members are able to participate in the ICC Code Development Process – writing proposed changes, collaborating with others in writing and revising proposed changes, joining Code Action Committees, and voting on proposed changes – utilizing ICC’s new cdpAccess program to participate via computer.

• Governmental members can have their voices heard on which code changes are written into the I-Codes.

• Governmental members can keep Pennsylvania’s code adoption process more streamlined by voting against code changes that are not reasonable, cost-effective, or are technically infeasible, before they are written into Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code.

• Only Governmental members are able to vote during the final hearings.

The deadline to join as an ICC Governmental Member, in order to be able to participate in the 2016 Group B hearings, is March 18, 2016. The Group B codes include administrative provisions for all areas of the I-Codes, the IECC and IRC, and is among the most important code group for the home building industry.

Reach out to your local BCOs and have them obtain an ICC Governmental Membership here.


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