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Regional Meeting Registration Now Open!

26 May 2016 8:00 AM | Craig Hoffman (Administrator)


It's that time again! The Summer Regional Meetings are here. This is a chance for PBA members to get together with local association leadership and make your voices heard.

Our local associations are divided into 8 regions across the state. Each region meets three times a year a couple weeks before a PBA Board of Directors meeting. At these regional meetings, you'll have the opportunity to discuss any statewide initiatives, voting measures or events taking place at the upcoming Board meeting. Your region will then send the feedback from this meeting to PBA to be presented before the Board of Directors.

Any member may attend a regional meeting. If you're unsure which region your local association is in, check the map. However, all attendees must RSVP using registration links below.

Regional Meetings Registration: 

Click on your region below for details & to RSVP.

Note - The Regional/Board Packet will be emailed prior to meetings with the subject line
"Register for the PBA Board Meeting." Please download it to bring with you.

  • MIDEAST - June 23 at the HBA of Metro Harrisburg in Harrisburg (RSVP by June 16)

  • MIDWEST - June 23 at the Indiana Country Club in Indiana (RSVP by June 16)

  • NORTHCENTRAL - June 29 at the Mountain View County Club in Boalsburg (RSVP by June 22)

  • NORTHEAST - June 22 at Marzoni's in Moosic (RSVP by June 15)

  • NORTHWEST - June 22 at Chovy's in Meadville (RSVP by June 15)

  • SOUTHCENTRAL - June 21 at Loxley's in Lancaster (RSVP by June 14)

  • SOUTHEAST - June 22 at the HBA of Bucks/Mont in Fort Washington (RSVP by June 15)

  • SOUTHWEST - June 22 at Burgh's Pizza and Wing Pub in Bridgeville (RSVP by June 15) 



Call us at 717.730.4380

Each meeting is also listed as an event on our website. To view the full calendar, click here.

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