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Lehigh Valley Builders Association Names Representative Charlie Dent a Defender of Housing

04 May 2018 8:27 AM | Craig Hoffman (Administrator)

Rep. Charlie Dent (R) was honored on April 30th by Lehigh Valley Builders Association (LVBA) with the National Defender of Housing Award, acknowledging him as a forward-thinking federal legislator who recognizes housing’s significant role within the U.S. economy.

“Dent understands the key national issues facing home builders and remodelers here in the Lehigh Valley,” said LVBA Executive Officer, Chuck Hamilton.  “We commend him for his past support of pro-housing policies such as removing needless regulatory barriers that drive up the cost of housing making it more difficult for families to afford a home.”

The Defender of Housing Award honors a very important partnership--the working relationship between builders and lawmakers. In many ways, members of Congress create the blueprint for our businesses with their votes on legislation that defines how our industry operates.

John Howard, chair of the LVBA Governmental Affairs Committee, added, “This award represents a strong commitment to affordable housing, consumer choice and most importantly, the significant contribution that home building makes to the economy. Homeownership is the engine that drives this nation, and the Defender of Housing Award goes to those who enable more homes to be built.”

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