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Bathroom Remodels – Hire a pro for the new king of home renovations

04 May 2018 10:52 AM | Craig Hoffman (Administrator)

Bathroom Remodels – Hire a pro for the new king of home renovations

You’ve collected ideas of your dream master bath, drafted a general budget, and talked with friends about how you wish your home was more comfortable or modern. You’re hitting remodeling websites to find the latest trends in bathroom design and fixtures. It sounds like you’re ready to hire a professional remodeler to get your project done right.

You’re not alone. Bathrooms have now overtaken kitchens as the most popular remodeling project. The kitchen is king among the spaces with the most impact on a home’s identity. But having a beautiful bathroom is just as, if not, more important for many homeowners.

In fact, bathrooms overtook kitchens as the most popular remodeling project, according to a new NAHB survey. NAHB has released the results highlighting the most common remodeling projects to kick off National Home Remodeling Month in May.

Survey Says

In the survey, remodelers reported the most common projects in 2017:

    81% did bathroom remodeling

    78% did kitchen remodeling

    49% did whole house remodeling

    37% did room additions

    30% did window/door replacements

While remodeling is commonly associated with kitchens and baths, demand for green upgrades continues to swell as homeowners seek to save on utili

ty costs, improve air quality and increase the value of their homes.

An additional survey by NAHB Remodelers showed that high-performing, low-emissivity (Low-E) windows are the most common green-building product installed by residential remodelers. Programmable thermostats and high-efficiency HVAC systems also ranked highly among the most common green products used.

Hire aPro

Check out these steps for hiring a professional remodeler:

Collect names of remodeling companies.
1.  Start by searching the National Association of Home Builders’ Directory of Professional Remodelers at You’ll get a list of licensed remodelers in your area to contact.

Discuss your project with a couple remodelers.

2.  Call a few remodelers from your list to discuss your project. Describe what you envision for the home remodel, styles you like, your estimated budget, and other ideas for the remodeling work. Ask the remodeler if they can provide background information on their expertise. They may have a website or brochure they can share that describes their experience and accomplishments.

Ask if the remodeler has general liability insurance.
3.  Be sure to ask some important questions about the remodeler’s business that will help ensure you hire the best professional. Does the remodeler have a contractor’s license? Do they have general liability insurance in case of an accident on the job? Do they guarantee their work? How do they handle any problems that may arise on the project? Having these answers in advance will prevent future problems and nail down the best professional remodeler for the job.

Check the references and background of the remodeler.

4. After you start speaking with remodelers and find one or two who match your project’s needs, be sure to conduct some background research by checking with the Better Business Bureau, talking to their references, and asking if they are a trade association member (such as NAHB Remodelers). Remodelers with these qualities tend to be more reliable, better educated, and more likely to stay on top of construction and design trends.

Don’t fall for the lowest bidder.

5.  Many people may be lured by the lowest price to their remodeling project, thinking that they have found a great deal. But beware of these alluring low prices. These bids may be more costly in the end if the contractor is cutting corners, not taking into account certain costs, or is inexperienced. Professional remodelers have stories about coming into homes to fix remodels from unscrupulous contractors who did shoddy work or failed to complete the job. Often times, the lowest price may not ultimately provide the best value for your home remodel.

Make the smartest investment in your home by hiring a professional remodeler. They’ll help you stay on budget, solve remodeling challenges, and provide a higher-quality service.

For more tips on planning a home remodel or hiring a professional remodeler, visit or contact your local builders association at

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