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Your Opportunity to Make a Difference - Technical Advisory Committee Sign-Up

21 Jun 2019 10:55 AM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

Act 36 of 2017 requires the Review & Advisory Council (RAC) to establish Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) that allow for further public participation in the Model Code Adoption process for the PA UCC. The TACs are designed to provide the RAC members with more diverse and balanced input – and to allow for the public who is effected the most by the PA UCC updates to provide real-time feedback on the model code provisions. 

Members of the TACs will be appointed by the RAC Chairman and must contain persons who build, design, and enforce the PA UCC.  Public members of the TACs will act as resources to RAC members reviewing the updated model code provisions. 

This is an opportunity for PBA members to be directly involved in the discussions surrounding the adoption of specific code provisions.  The composition of the TACs must be diverse and represent all areas of the construction industry.  Please note that environmental groups and manufacturers will also be eligible to participate. 

Applicants must apply by July 13, 2019 to be considered for a position on a TAC – you can sign up to serve on one or more TAC at this following link:  Technical Advisory Committee Participation Form .  

TAC Member Responsibilities

Act 36 requires that after the expiration of the 120-day public comment period, the RAC Chair must assign each updated code section to a TAC. Each TAC must make recommendations to the RAC on whether to accept, modify, or reject updated sections, including the rationale relied upon. Recommendations will be determined by a majority vote of the RAC members who serve on the TAC. TAC recommendations are non-binding on the full RAC.  The TAC’s will officially begin meeting after the close of the 2018 public comment period (October 10, 2019) and are required to submit their recommendations to the full RAC by June of 2020.  PBA would encourage all members who have an interest in serving on a TAC to apply. 

Meetings may be conducted in person or via tele-conference/video-conference.  We anticipate that most meetings of the TAC’s will be held via conference call. 

This is the first review cycle for the RAC under the new law that includes the creation of the Technical Advisory Committees.  The process will only work in PBA’s favor if members are willing to commit their time and expertise to helping craft the best health/safety UCC possible.  If you have any question about the application process, the time commitment involved, or the RAC UCC model code adoption process, please contact Sarah Miller at or Jon Sukonik at

List of Technical Advisory Committees:

Administration (Chapter 401 & 403)

Building Code General (IBC)

Building Code Egress (IBC)

Building Code Structural (IBC)

Building Code Fire Safety (IBC)

Energy Code Residential (IECC)

Energy Code Commercial (IECC)

Existing Building Code (IEBC)

Fire Code (IFC)

Fuel Gas Code (IFGC)

Mechanical Code (IMC)

Performance Code (ICCPC)

Plumbing Code (IPC)

Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC)

Residential Code (IRC)

Wildland-Urban Interface Code (IWUIC)

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