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Make Your Neighbors Envious!

26 Jun 2019 12:05 PM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

With all the rain lately, it’s been hard to even mow the lawn. But what about those big plans you have to do some D-I-Y landscaping around the house? Well there is still time. We want to help you with some ideas on what you can do and what you should definitely avoid to make your yard a personal oasis.

  • You must start with a vision – and better yet, a plan! Make it realistic and maintainable. There is nothing worse than just digging holes and plopping trees and shrubs in random areas. Remember they GROW! So if you haven’t thought the finished yard out beforehand, you could end up with an overgrown forest. There is much more that comes after the initial planting so be sure you can handle the annual trimming, mulching, weeding, and general maintenance that comes with a manicured landscape.

  • Many of us think of symmetry. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Let your mind take that extra step because everything doesn’t have to be balanced. Plant what you like but just be sure that you take in the whole picture. You don’t want to have holes in the finished product. Curb appeal is EVERYTHING.
  • By the way, good things come in multiples. Rather than just having one certain kind of plant, go for an odd number of the same kind of plant or flower. Having areas of a common color just looks good and it cuts down on the task keeping the look in shape.
  • You know how all the quaint stories had gingerbread homes with narrow winding walkways leading up to the door? Don’t do that! Curved pathways make eyes roam instead of focusing. Plus you’ll thank yourself later if you have a straight and wide passage when you are lugging bags and boxes into the house.
  • Straight-lined flower beds can be boring. Round. Curved. Even a triangle! These can all add a great visual to your home – as long as you don’t go overboard.
  • Don’t forget behind the house. We all end up spending most of our time in the backyard so it’s important to remember to make that area special as well. However, if you are truly interested in the investment value of your home, there’s nothing better than concentrating in the front. Buyers are draw to curb appeal.
  • Plants and flowers are great but don’t overlook what a difference hardscapes, lighting, and even water features can make. When they all come together the right way, it can be magic.

Your lawn is an extension of your home. Consider it another room. Landscaping – whether you try your own hand at it or bring in a professional to give it that extra polish – can make a world of difference.

Live in the home that everyone seems to slow down in front of when they drive past!

Building today for a better tomorrow.

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