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Bring A Friend!

16 Dec 2019 11:00 AM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

Tis the season to come together, right?

With office parties and client gatherings – not to mention causal get-togethers with friends and associates – it might not be a bad time to think about how you could grow your local association.

Now we are NOT suggesting you barge into a party with a fistful of flyers and a clipboard and demand that everyone attending join now (oh and go ahead and sign up for three committees each!). But we all know that the best connections are made person-to-person and that we truly unite when we have common interests.

Strike up a friendship and if it seems appropriate, maybe invite someone to the next HBA meeting. NO PRESSURE. Just a chance to get to know each other better and maybe help grow someone’s business while you are at it. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to get a better understanding of what their local HBA can do for them.

The key to building members it to keep them engaged and to not overwhelm them. You need to spark that interest and always follow up. Make new people feel welcome. There’s nothing worse than going to a new event and being ignored or being assigned to head a committee that you know nothing about. Why would you want to come back?

Make an effort – and implore others to do so as well. Get to know the new person in the room. Your time and interest may be just what they need to help them out while also growing your group. And who knows, you might make your own business connection.

Sadly, the advance of social media and those phones connected to everyone’s hands, seems to be taking the literal “joining” out of the equation. That’s where you come in. Put the phone away, shake a hand or two, and ask people about themselves and their interests. It just may be the start of a great friendship and a way to build membership.

So enjoy your holidays and remember that a new member may be just the perfect gift this year.

Building today for a better tomorrow.

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