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Please Do Not Email Further Requests to Your Legislators

23 Mar 2020 9:39 AM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

PBA Members:

We know that the news is moving so quickly that none of us can keep up and we appreciate all that you are doing to try and amplify the PBA message. In at least one area, we are becoming victims of our own success. Legislators are telling us that member emails are clogging their systems and preventing them from seeing other important messages. A few individuals may view that as a good thing. It isn’t. We have informed House and Senate leadership that we will not send further emails demanding legislative action. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE EMAILING LEGISLATORS.

I apologize if I sound rude; but it is vital that we don’t burn bridges with our legislative friends. We recognize that none of us “control” our members. Nevertheless, each of us has some measure of influence. Please understand that PBA wants you to stop emailing their elected officials immediately. Instead, please lean on the waiver process administered by DCED.

From President Jon Sukonik:   "PBA has requested all its members stand down on the email call to action as our message was received loud and clear.  Legislators have told us that further emails will do more harm than good.  As members of the Association I am asking you to heed our request and allow the waiver process to work as intended.  Abusive actions being taken by industry members is undermining our attempt to gain relief from the Governor’s office.  In this time of health crisis, we need to be a cohesive industry focusing on the public health, safety and welfare not on economic interests.  PBA has been pursuing assistance based upon the public safety concerns associated with partially built product and the issues associated with buyers in transition between homes with nowhere live."

Thank you all for your support during this challenging time.

Dan Durden, CEO
Pennsylvania Builders Association

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