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CDC Worksite Recommendations

23 Mar 2020 9:18 PM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

While the advice concerning model homes and sales centers does not appear to apply in Pennsylvania, the job site tips provided by the Center for Disease Control should be helpful to any builder granted a waiver to continue working.

For Model Homes/Sales Centers: 

1.  Model Home (sales centers) must be locked at all times and unlocked only to allow prospects with scheduled appointments to enter.

2.  All models/sales centers must have the attached sign on the sales center door and front door.

3.  All customer meetings with the exception of model tours are to be done “virtually” via the phone or computer (i.e. GoToMeeting, Zoom, etc) including contract meetings.

4.  Models can only be staffed by one salesperson at a time and salesperson must not sit within eyesight of the door.

5.  Only new home sales personnel and prospective homeowners are allowed to enter the models (realtors, existing homeowners, and construction personnel prohibited).

6.  Salesperson is not to shake hands or stand within 6’ of anyone.

7.  Prospects showing any symptoms of virus should be asked to leave the model immediately.

8.  Wash hands and clean commonly touched surfaces (i.e. door knobs) frequently.

9.  No more than 4 prospects from a max of two families in the model at one time. Avoid prospects from different families being in the same room at the same time.

10.  Advise prospects not to touch anything while touring the models. 

For Job Sites:

1.  All work should be done while maintaining a 6 foot buffer in between employees. 

2.  Limit job sites to the bare minimum number of employees as possible. Absolutely no large groupings of individuals. 

3.  Instruct employees to stay home when sick

4.  Instruct employees to clean their hands often with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60-95% alcohol

5.  Do not share tools.

6.  Do not share personal protection equipment (PPE).

7.  Disinfect reusable supplies and equipment

8.  Review and implement all CDC Guidelines. 

9.  Make sure all employees are aware of the CDC guidelines and the importance of abiding by them. 

CDC Guidelines:

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