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IMPORTANT - Steps To Help Open Our Industry

17 Apr 2020 6:22 PM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

PBA Members:

As many of you know, the COVID-19 effects on Pennsylvania are expected to peak shortly. When combined with PBA’s efforts to urge Governor Wolf to lift restrictions placed on the building industry, it is going to be vitally important to prepare your business and employees so that we can all effectively go back to work safely.

Education and preparation are going to be the key. In order to ensure that you are ready and able to reopen businesses when circumstances permit, the following assurances need to be adopted by the residential construction industry. We predicated our phased plan on a start date of 4/20 for the start of theeducational process and demonstrate our industry’s sincere dedication to providing a safe working environment.

The attached Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) comply with the latest guidance from the Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) and incorporate CDC, OSHA and CISA standards for health and safety.

We are distributing the attached materials and templates so that you can adapt them for your business now andbegin educating your workforce. Additional instructional videos are currently being developed by NAHB. PBA will provide you with direct lines to these videos as soon as they are available. We plan to provide links to other educational safety materials as soon as we have access to them.

Once these steps are put into the place, the next phase will be to resume construction on projects already started / permitted. This will allow us to complete the projects for our customers whose homes are partially constructed. Any work performed should be in compliance with the SOPs. Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate how responsible our industry can be so that the Governor will allow restarting all other residential projects as soon as possible.

We need ALL members to realize the importance of following these steps and to start immediately. Not only will this prove our perseverance to Governor Wolf, but it is also in the best interests of your workforce to provide a safe working environment.

Please see the attached SOP templates along with a sample communication tool that Lennar is using for their employees. We have also included a link for a number of videos produced by the CDC to provide answers and resources about COVID-19.

By working together as a unified industry in Pennsylvania, we can help reopen the residential construction industry.

Thank you for your commitment and cooperation.

Stay safe.

Jon Sukonik, President
Pennsylvania Builders Association





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