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  • 19 Aug 2019 11:36 AM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

    With the start of the new school year, the York Builders Association is expanding their WorkforceNOW initiative with some new and exciting marketing pieces. WorkforceNOW was designed specifically to address the shortage of skilled labor in the industry.

    The YBA is developing a series of blogs and videos to help the program gain traction and promote awareness of the variety of career paths available in the local market.

    The first ever Construction Career Days event took place in April, with a second one planned for the upcoming school year. The event was a partnership with several local high schools and building industry companies where students and employers got the opportunity to connect.

    We all have a responsibility to empower and encourage the future workforce. Check out some of the promotional ideas that are making a difference in York County – and see how you can use them for inspiration in your local area.

    WorkforceNOW Launch

    Construction Career Days Video

    WorkforceNOW Blog – Damon’s Story

  • 09 Aug 2019 10:04 AM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

    NAHB’s Building Systems Housing Summit is returning to Pennsylvania October 6-8. The Summit, the industry’s premier conference dedicated to off-site construction, is an excellent opportunity to network with leaders in modular, panelized, log, and other innovative residential building systems.

    Through focused education sessions, led by industry experts, attendees can immediately put key takeaways into practice to strategically build their businesses. The Summit is a fantastic way to forge valuable connections to find solutions to your biggest challenges and position your business for continued growth.  

    Lock in your savings now and join us in Pittsburgh in October. Register by 5:00 p.m. ET, Friday, August 16 to save $85 on your Summit registration.

    More Information

  • 06 Aug 2019 10:27 AM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

    PBA recently launched a major new fundraising program. The Keystone Club (formerly Committee of 75) is designed to raise personal contributions from members. These funds are used to target Pennsylvania’s leaders on issues vital to the home building industry.

    Keystone Club members include those who have contributed $500 or more to PaCAH (Pennsylvania Committee for Affordable Housing). Checks should be made payable to “PaCAH” and include a Keystone Club note on the memo line. Members of the Keystone Club who pledge each year, will receive a pin and entry into that year’s PaCAH admission.

    As of the PBA Summer Board Meeting, the following individuals were designated as “Founding Members” of the Keystone Club.

    Kevin Coutts (Wayne/Pike)

    Maria Coutts (Wayne/Pike)

    Dean Hilliard (Central Susquehanna)

    Cindy Cepko (Wayne/Pike)

    Jill Allan (BAMP)

    Jim Rumbaugh (BAMP)

    Several more have pledged their commitment and will be joining the Club.

    If you wish to be included as a “Founding Member” of the Keystone Club, please contact Jill Pento at or 717- 730-4380, ext. 3028 on or before September 1.

  • 05 Aug 2019 11:59 AM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

    Protecting your family. That’s the goal of homeowners everywhere. But with the variety of security systems on the market today, what is the right choice for you?

    Technology makes today’s choices in security systems seem like something George Jetson might install in his space-aged home. But the reality is that now you can actually control your home from the palm of your hand even if you are across the country. We’ve come a long way from leaving a light on and hoping the dog will bark.

    Home security systems vary from those that notify local authorities when a window or door in your home has been breached to those that can alert you and a monitoring service of someone at your door through video on your smartphone. They can even notify you of an unseen danger that could be lurking in your home.

    At the very basic level is a self-monitoring system where the homeowner is responsible to notify emergency personnel of a security breach. However for peace of mind, you might want to consider a more advanced system. The advantages of these more advanced options include safety, convenience, and even more cash in your pocket.

    Protecting Loved Ones – This is the most significant reason to invest in a security system. The comfort of knowing your family is safe is paramount.

    Protecting Your Home and Valuables – Did you know that 60 percent of home invaders are deterred when they know your home is protected by a security system? Even those that try are likely to be scared off by the sound of an alarm.

    Discovering Underlying Dangers – A number of security systems can detect hazards that may be invading your home – smoke, carbon monoxide, fire – even when you are not at home.

    Convenience – Imagine you are out later than you had planned. With a modern security system you can easily turn on lights in your home (and maybe even the television for noise) and adjust the thermostat through your smartphone to give yourself an additional sense of security.

    Discounts – Many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who install security systems in their homes. So you can keep your family and valuable safe and still save money while doing it!

    Consider your particular needs. Look at where you live, consider past experiences, and think about your lifestyle. Which security system is right for you? Be sure to talk to a qualified professional and check out the selection of products on the market.

    A security system provides that extra comfort for you – and most importantly – for your family.

  • 30 Jul 2019 11:18 AM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

    Safety and PBA go hand-in-hand. Builder Services Inc. (BSI) works closely with McConkey Insurance and Benefits to offer members competitively-priced Workers' Compensation coverage.

    Read about some great ideas for keeping your worksite safe and contact Erica Grimm ( or 717-505-3144) for more information on how you can benefit from this program.

  • 30 Jul 2019 9:20 AM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

    PBA members from across the state gathered in State College this past weekend for the Summer Board Meeting. Members from more than two dozen local associations met to review progress, set agendas for future projects, and nominate officers for 2020. The event also provided members with the opportunity to network with others in the home building industry.

    Prior to the actual Board Meeting, attendees participated in a variety of committee meetings including the PA Housing Research Center, Non-Dues Task Force, Membership, Communications, Workers Compensation, Workforce Training and Development, Professional Women in Building (PWB), and the Board of Directors meeting for Builders Services, Inc. (BSI).

    The Governmental Affairs Committee Meeting, chaired by Jim Rumbaugh of The Meritage Group (Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh), drew the largest number of attendees. PBA members were updated on the success of Act 53 which takes builders and developers off the hook for major tax liabilities attributable to Contributions in Aid of Construction (or “CIAC.”) Act 53 provides significant savings for developers, homebuilders, and homebuyers. This victory is a major milestone in the work that the Governmental Affairs Committee is doing on behalf of the building industry in Pennsylvania. The committee also provided details on other issues facing the industry as well as upcoming initiatives. 

    Governmental Affairs leadership also announced the establishment of the Keystone Club recognizing donors to the Pennsylvania Committee for Affordable Housing (PaCAH). Donations of $500 or more grant entry into the Club. Act now to be recognized as a founding members. For more information on how you can be a part of the Keystone Club, please contact Jill Pento at

    Elizabeth Hensil, of Finish Line Strategies, addressed lunchtime guests about the importance of a grassroots campaign in advance of a planned Legislative Day at the Capital set for September 23.

    Those attendees wanting to learn more about how social media can benefit their businesses, took part in a seminar titled Getting Savvy With Social Media led by Deb Kozlovac of Alliance Business Technologies. 


    After a day of back-to-back meetings, a large number of members and guests took part in a special fundraising event for PaCAH at the nearby home of Betsy Dupuis. The theme of the evening was a summer picnic complete with delicious grilled delicacies, wine flights, a corn hole competition, and even a very popular dunk tank featuring Vice President Jon Sukonik, Past President Andrew Kaye, GA Committee Chair Jim Rumbaugh, and BA of Metro Pittsburgh Executive Officer Jim Eichenlaub. 

    President Maria Coutts convened Saturday morning’s Board Meeting where directors from across the state conducted the business of PBA. 

    Immediate Past President Kert Sloan announced the nominations for officers for 2020. Jon Sukonik of HBA of Bucks & Montgomery Counties was chosen as the nominee for President along with Cindy Cepko, Wayne-Pike BIA, as Vice President; Cathy Sloan, HBA of Berks County, as Secretary; Shawn Prohaska, HBA of NEPA, as Associate Vice President. The Treasurer nominee will be announced in the fall. Additional nominees included NAHB Area Three Vice President, Andrew Kaye, HBA of Bucks & Montgomery Counties; Builder State Director to NAHB, Kevin Coutts, Wayne-Pike BIA; Associate State Director to NAHB, Amy Martino, BA of Metropolitan Pittsburgh; and NAHB State Representative, Kert Sloan, HBA of Berks County.

    Special guest Alicia Huey, candidate for the 2020 NAHB Third Vice Chair addressed the board and asked for their support at the national level. Huey, from Birmingham, Alabama, has played a large role in the home building industry over the years at the local, state, and national levels. Secretary Cindy Cepko followed up with a resolution on behalf of PBA which pledges Pennsylvania’s endorsement on behalf of Alicia Huey’s campaign.

    President Coutts rounded out the Board Meeting with an overview of the progress of the PBA Strategic Plan initiatives and opened the floor to new business and discussion.

    Members left the summer gathering with a renewed sense of direction and encouragement from the  work that is being completed to further support the  industry.   

    All PBA members are encouraged to attend the Fall PBA Board Meeting set for October 31-November 2 at the Harrisburg Hilton located in Harrisburg. Please watch for more details in the coming months.


  • 23 Jul 2019 2:54 PM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

    After a great first year, the Build My Future event will take place again on Thursday, October 17 at the Pennsylvania School of Technology in Williamsport. Build My Future will run from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

    The program is for secondary students to explore the breadth of career opportunities available in the construction and design industry. It’s a great day to showcase your craft, create energy, and connect with the future of the construction industry.

    Approximately 700 secondary students attended last year and the goal is to top 1,000 this year.

    Registration is now open to become an exhibitor – there is indoor AND outdoor space available. All exhibitors are encouraged to have their exhibit be interactive and engaging.

    We hope you will consider being an exhibitor or a sponsor. The links below provide additional details. It is strongly encouraged that exhibits be interactive and engaging. Indoor or outdoor space is available. The day begins at 9 am and concludes at 2 pm. 

    Levon Whitmyer, an instructor at Penn Tech, will be attending the PBA Board Meeting this week. If you have any additional questions, please spend some time with Levon either during the Workforce Training and Education meeting or throughout the weekend.

    Build My Future Exhibitor Registration Form

    Build My Future Sponsorship Registration Form

    Build My Future Exhibitor Details

    Build My Future Sponsorship Benefits

  • 16 Jul 2019 10:43 AM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

    As the old song goes, “We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave.”

    Well it’s okay to sing and dance, but when the temperature soars your home can really be an energy trap, sucking money right out of your wallet. But if you just take advantage of a few simple tips, you can stay comfortable without emptying your bank account.

    The first thing everyone does when the weather forecasters start talking about 90-something-degree days is to run to the thermostat. However you really should set it as high as you are comfortable – the smaller the difference is between in inside and outside temperature, the lower your energy bill. Most experts say you should keep the temperature inside set to 78 degrees. Every degree lower than that will result in 3 to 5 percent more energy being used.

    That being said, a programmable “smart” thermostat unit is truly a life-saver during extreme heat (and cold). They can be set according to your schedule. Why cool an entire home when no one is there? The smart versions enable you to control the temperature with your phone even when you are not at home.

    Keeping the blinds and curtains closed during the day will also help keep the interior in check. If you have a ceiling fan, using that can help make you feel cooler without raising the temperatures. Those with a whole-house fan should open the windows and run the unit in the early morning and at night to pull cool air into the house.

    Homeowners should also avoid using high energy appliances during peak hours. That means don’t run the oven, dishwasher, washer, or dryer between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. Not only will it save you energy, but it will also help keep the overall house cooler. Besides who want to cook a six-course Thanksgiving dinner when it’s easier to cook something on the grill (or better yet, just have ice cream!).

    It goes without saying that a well-maintained HVAC system can save you a lot of money. Be sure to practice a routine of replacing filters regularly. A dirty filter makes the system work even harder to push out cold air. A general rule of thumb is to change the filter every 90 days or so. If you have pets or allergies, you might want to move that timeline up a bit.

    Homeowners should have their HVAC systems checked by a professional on a regular basis. Do these hardworking people a favor and don’t wait to call them for a routine service check when you realize that it will be a scorcher in a few hours. Call before the season starts or be prepared to wait until they can fit you into the schedule. (The same applies for the winter months.)

    Quality windows and doors make a huge difference in keep homes cool (and warm). While it is highly unlikely that you can do anything about it this week, it may be time to start thinking of investing these energy-saving products for future seasons. You’ll notice the difference when the heat comes and also when the electric bill shows up.

    There’s no avoiding the heat in Pennsylvania during the summer. But there are ways to manage it without spending a fortune to stay comfortable in your home.

    So pour yourself another cold glass of lemonade and push the thermostat up another degree or two. As that television show reminds us “Winter is coming.”

  • 10 Jul 2019 3:54 PM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)


    The United States Postal Service (USPS), facing dire financial straits, has instituted a de facto mandate requiring mail delivery to cluster mailbox units in new residential developments. This determination was made without affording the public and those affected by this decision the opportunity to voice their concerns.

    In 2015 the USPS conducted a national survey in conjunction with the market research firm Gallup and Professor Michael Bradley of George Washington University's Department of Economics. The survey found that among the different services provided by USPS, consumers and businesses place the highest value on maintaining delivery to the door and/or curb rather than delivery to cluster boxes or parcel lockers.

    Congress will play a critical role in reforming the USPS. Comprehensive postal reform legislation will likely be introduced again this Congress. Any reform effort for USPS should not be paid for by home builders and homeowners. NAHB and PBA urges Congress to preserve mail delivery to the home.

    Ask your Member of Congress to Co-sponsor H. Res. 23 offered by Representatives Susan Davis (D-CA), Peter King (R-NY) and David Joyce (R-OH). H. Res. 23 is a sense of the House resolution that the USPS should preserve delivery of mail to the home or business.

    Find your Congressional representative here.

  • 10 Jul 2019 1:57 PM | Rick Cochran (Administrator)

    PBA mourns the passing of Past President Carl Flohr. Mr. Flohr served as President of the statewide association in 1975. He was a home builder and developer in the Chambersburg area and was the founder of Flohr Pools. PBA members across Pennsylvania extend our sympathies to the Flohr family and we are grateful for his commitment to the industry.

    From Thomas L. Geisel Funeral Home:

    Carl R. Flohr, 91, of Chambersburg, PA passed away peacefully while surrounded by his family on Monday morning, July 8, 2019 at his home. Born June 4, 1928 in Chambersburg, he was the son of the late Russel H. and Alice Burkhart Flohr. A 1946 graduate of the Chambersburg High School, he was a home builder and developer in the Chambersburg area and was the founder of Flohr Pools. He was a member of Park Avenue United Methodist Church where he was Past Chairman of the Administrative Board, former Chairman of Trustees, and former Chairman of the Pastor Parish Relations Committee. He was Past President of the Pennsylvania Home Builders Association and was a long-time active member and Past District Governor of Rotary International. An active member of the Masonic Fraternity, Carl was a member and Past Worshipful Master of George Washington Lodge #143 F&AM and served as a Board member of the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, PA. He served on the Board of Franklin Feed and Supply Company for 54 years. Carl was active with many civic organizations and served as Past Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Committee. He loved to travel and enjoyed photography and flying.

    Carl is survived by his wife, Arlene Sandoe Flohr, whom he married January 28, 1951; four children, Frank Flohr (Jean), Nina Flohr Van Kampen (J. Daniel), Linn Flohr (Lee Ann), and Mark Flohr (Sherri); eleven grandchildren; and eleven great-grandchildren. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by three sisters, Grace Burkholder, Isabelle Mummert, and Bertha Burkholder.

    A Masonic Service will be conducted by members of the George Washington Lodge #143 F&AM at 5:30 PM Friday, July 12, 2019 at Thomas L. Geisel Funeral Home and Cremation Center, 333 Falling Spring Road, Chambersburg, PA. Visitation will follow the Masonic Service from 6:00-8:00 PM.

    Funeral services will be held at 11:00 AM Saturday, July 13, 2019 at First United Methodist Church, 225 South Second Street, Chambersburg, PA. The family will receive friends immediately following the service at the church. Interment in Lincoln Cemetery will be private.

    Memorial contributions may be made to Park Avenue United Methodist Church, 1140 Edgar Avenue, Chambersburg, PA 17201 or to SpiriTrust Lutheran Home Care and Hospice, 2700 Luther Drive, Chambersburg, PA 17202.

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